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Route & Event Info

Page updated 16/05/22

Hallow 12 Parish Challenge


The Routes are 10 Mile, 14 Mile, 18 Mile, 26 Mile, 40 Mile,

All routes follow the same clockwise circular route

Routes  peel off at different points depending on the mileage (will be way marked),

The only route different is the 40mile  follow slightly different start route & 12 Mile differnt route after CP1 before coming back onto same circular route as the rest.

All routes starting and finish Hallow scout HQ :–

  • There will be orange way Markers along route at key junctions.

  • All routes follow Footpaths, bridleways, and small sections of roads.

  • Route Description Provided couple week before event

  • GPX file Provided couple weeks before the event



Certificate issued at the end.

A timing sheet for all distances showing splits between check point along with the

results published next day.

Children & Dogs please see  Extra Info

Entering Event :-

Enter Online

Enter By Post


On the Day Entry

We do accept on the day entries as long as event                  Not Full               Please check with us


Event HQ / Car parking

Event HQ is situated at Hallow Scout Hut, off Main Road up a lane (Rear of The Crown Pub) Hallow, Worcester, WR2 6PP look for signpost Hallow village Hall on main road (opposite Crown Inn) follow lane up the side of the Crown INN HQ can be found end of Car Park.

Car Parking

 The event car park Follow 12P arrow sign.   Then a short walk to event HQ    



Please Do not park in the Crown INN car park you may get clamped.

Car Parking
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Registration / ID Tag

  • Registration
  • Registration opens at 5:00am
  • Runners & Walkers collect their ID tag on the morning of event.
  • In The Hall desks for each Distance and a separate registration desk for on the day booking.
  • If you have per-registered, please check for your ID number which will be posted on the Display boards outside just before you enter the HQ via Double Doors
  •  ID Tags

  • Everyone has an ID tag which has the check points in order visited (Bottom to Top) which  get cut off at the appropriate check points also on the ID tag is your QR code which will be scanned to record your time.

  • QR Code will be scanned at the Check points, Start and Finish.

Start Times

No mass start.
10M, 14M, 18M, 26M
Start from any time from 8.00am
10M, 14M, 18M, 26M Runners
Start any time from 8.30am
40M Walkers & Runners  Start any time from 6:00am

Hallow 12 parish Challenge
Outdoor Event

Check Points Opening times

Rushwick FP (40 mile only)       7:30am

Wichenford Parish Hall   CP1   8:30 am

Ham Bridge CP 2 ( 40mile Only)

Martkey Hillside Pull in  CP2   9:30am

Abberley Parish Hall       CP3   11:00am                                               

Little Witley Carpark      CP4   12:00pm

Cockshoot Farm Pull in  CP5   10:00am

Toilets  are situated at :-

The HQ + 1 Shower

Wichenford CP1

Abberley CP3

Little Witley CP 4

What's available at Check points

Rushwick            Water, fruit, energy bars, sweets

Wichenford        Water, hot drink, fruit,

sandwiches, cake

Ham Bridge  (40 Only)  Water, Sweets energy Bars

Martkey Hillside      Water, fruit, energy bars, sweets

Abberley        Water, hot drink, fruit,                          sandwiches, cake                                  


Little Witley     Water, fruit, energy bars, sweets

Cockshoot Farm    Water, sandwiches ,  fruit,        Energy bars, sweets


 Hallow Hq     finish there will be meal available

                         with vegan option

 Extra Info:-                                                                                                                      

Children between the ages of 6 and 15 years old
  • Cannot enter individually

  • Must be entered as an additional entrant, where the primary entrant is 18 or over and is the parent/legal guardian of the additional entrant or has the permission of the additional entrant’s parent or legal guardian

  • Must give contact details for the parent or legal guardian

Young Adults aged 16 and 17

  • Can enter individually

  • Do not need parent or legal guardian contact details but must have the permission of the parent/legal guardian

  • Cannot enter participants under 16 

Any participant bringing a dog must act in a responsible manner by making sure that:

  • ·The dog is kept on a lead, under close control at all times, and any usual equipment (muzzle / harness etc.) used to control the  dog is employed on the day.

  • ·The dog has a collar with a clearly identifiable tag.

  • ·Adequate water is supplied for the dog to keep them hydrated. (Water available at Checkpoints)

  • ·Any dog mess is cleaned up and disposed of responsibly.+

  • ·The Organizers take no Responsibility for Dogs

  • Owners should ensure that they have their own public liability insurance. (This can be within household insurance if included, or in a separate policy.)

  •  All instructions given by the officials on the day are adhered to, including participants with dogs starting the Event .

  •  We reserve the right to ask participants and supporters to leave an Event if they do not adhere to these Rules, and no refunds shall be given in these circumstances. 

Please Note:-

The route is  cross country with many stiles & gates , Paths/Bridleways cross Farm Land with some fields having Cattle and Horses in

Extra Info
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