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Feedback - What you thought

Thanks to you and the Hallows 12 Parish team for organising such a great event.

 We’ve done lots of Ultras over the years and this was the best marked course we’ve ever run. Massive kudos to whoever put all those orange arrows out!

 Venue is excellent, route great and countryside simply stunning at times. What a great way to explore a part of England I don’t know well. Checkpoints were at good locations and about the right distance apart. Cheese & pickle sandwiches are perfect!

 Improvements for 2023? Not much…

 …just accurately measure the courses. Our 26-mile (42k) course seemed more like 46k. It’s important for competitors in longer races (especially in extreme heat) to know how far they’ve run, so they can ration out food & drink.

 …the written route description could be shortened quite a bit. I edited it down to 2 pages of A4 without much difficulty. Please email me if you’d like a few tips on this

 Hope to see you in 2023,


 Mark & Roz

I have nothing but positive feedback to offer. I loved the event and have been recommending it to my friends! Things I loved in no particular order:

   Organisation and communication

   Route - scenic, varied, stunning (we did the 26m route)

   Route marking (orange arrows) and route notes (we didn't get lost!)


   Check points - really good selection of food and drinks

   Marshals and volunteers - supportive, friendly and enthusiastic

    Rolling start (i.e. start when you are ready) - much prefer this to mass start as it means the trail doesn't get congested

    Shower at the end

   Food at the end - baked potato with veggie chilli was delicious

    Outdoor shaded area to chill out, drink and eat afterwards 

  There are only two minor things I would change:

  1. The 26m route was over 28m, so I would advertise it as such

  2. The gpx file which we also used for navigation was a bit 'off' route (although it did go in the right general direction). I wonder if the file was created by walking the route or by plotting on a map. This may account for the slight difference (e.g. the footpath on the ground was clear, but the gpx route went parallel through a field). Hope this makes sense.

Overall, a fantastic event, which I would (and have) recommended.

Many thanks

Best wishes


This is a brilliant event, not to be missed and I’ll be back that’s for sure. Checkpoints that were crammed with good food and drinks, great scanning in and out at checkpoints. I think it needs advertising a little further afield. The Ultra runners will love this type of event, and the trail running clubs. A superb price as well. I have been on big city races that don’t offer anything as good. Keep up the good work.see you next year


few days have passed and I wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the run, the lady I was running with didn't give me much chance to look at the views but the views I saw were amazing.   There were endless fields which was a nightmare with fantastic paths through forests to get you away from the sun :).

This is my second LDWA having been told by numerous people how wonderful they were and I have to admit my first LDWA challenge definitely did not live up to the hype but this one did.  

I was very impressed with the aid stations, the volunteers and the fact that so many were in local village halls or activity centers (whatever they were) with loos in which is just wonderful.  Having water melons by the way at every aid station was great particularly as they are full of electrolytes ...and all the other little types of cake and food...fantastic.


Lastly, the beef bolognaise at the end...I wasn't sure if I could go back and ask for more but I wanted was delicious.   

I loved it and thought it was organised really well

What else can I say...wonderful.



This is a brilliant event, not to be missed and I’ll be back that’s for sure. Checkpoints that were crammed with good food and drinks, great scanning in and out at checkpoints. I think it needs advertising a little further afield. The Ultra runners will love this type of event, and the trail running clubs. A superb price as well. I have been on big city races that don’t offer anything as good. Keep up the good work.see you next year

I just wanted to say thank you so much to you and your extensive team of volunteers for yesterday. What a fantastic day and incredibly well organised. Great to see some Beavers, Cubs and Scouts helping at checkpoints. Special mention to the young Beaver on checkpoint 1 who must have got up very early and was very helpful. 

I spoke with your wife at the check in and I gather she was in charge of catering. What a fantastic job she did! Thanks to her and her team too. I was fuelled by orange quarters which were just perfect yesterday.

It is impressive and very inclusive that you don't have checkpoint cut offs...but a long day for your team! 

I really think you could charge more. The entry fee is very modest for all you provide. 

A really great event which you masterminded superbly. I know how much will have gone into the preparation to make it run so smoothly. I hope you raise a good amount of funds for the scout group.

Best wishes



It was my first time at Hallow and I really enjoyed the event. I did the 40mile route and the first 14miles lulled me in to thinking it was a flat route but from then on it was excellent with stunning views and a few climbs! 

The marshals were all excellent and the signposting was the best I’ve seen, I did initially miss the Little Witley checkpoint turn off and only realised when I left the village and had to run back, my own mistake in the heat. 

Lots of well stocked checkpoints, well placed on a hot day, and then food at the finish too. An absolute bargain cost and definitely recommend the event.

If it helps with checking your results calcs, I set off at 7.45am and took 6hrs 33mins.

Many thanks again


Kevin Hoult


Hi, Thank you Neil and all your helpers!

It was my first time at such an event and thought the way marked route was in general great other than the miles 8,9,10 that were a little testing for me, fortunately for me another competitor had caught me up at CP2 who had done it before and we managed to get through.

I am sure you have had harsher critical tails?

It could be that I was just getting tired and as the early way marks were too good and I should have upped my game!

Great event better than expected and got fed!

Many Thanks for your time and hard work.



I enjoyed the event even though i fell twice hurt my shoulder and ribs because of my hip replacement i was a bit scared of the steap down hills thanks for a well run even

Thank you very much for all your efforts 

Lovely day out 



My dog, Finn, and I really enjoyed the day as well. It did get a bit warm from checkpoint 3 onwards but at least we and you were prepared for it with loads of water available at all checkpoints. Very minor point would be to have a dog water bowl in situ at all checkpoints as only checkpoint 1 had one but as I carry one it didn’t really  matter. What I would say is that it is the best way marked challenge walk I’ve ever been on! I look forward to next years


Thanks to all




I just wanted to say what a fantastic job you all did yesterday. The welcome and the support were excellent, and the course was challenging, technical and interesting. It made for a particularly fine day out and a wonderful journey. I completed the ridgeway 40 in just over 7 hours, and the marathon yesterday took me almost as long - which shows just how much of a challenge your course is. My particular thanks to whoever decided on watermelons at the aid stations! Never have I craved a food so much in all my time running!

Thanks to all involved!

Roger Owen


Thank you for your email. I have only recently joined the Long Distance Walkers Association, and yesterday’s event was my first ever walking challenge. I’m an experienced walker, but all my previous walks have been led, so I was quite nervous at being left to my own devices. The signage was excellent throughout, however, and the written directions were well-written and easy to understand. I will confess to missing one of the arrows, but I only had myself to blame for that, as I was too busy following a couple of walkers in autopilot rather than looking where I was going!  Despite my wrong turning, I completed the 18 ml walk without any problems and feel fine today.

Having good signage was crucial, but I would also like to compliment you and your team on every aspect of the walk.  The marshalls in the car park, the team staffing the table upon arrival, the teams running the checkpoints, and those at the finish recording times, issuing certificates and serving food, were all exemplary.  Everyone, without exception, was friendly and welcoming. This has made an indelible impression on me, and has ensured that my first ever challenge event will always hold a special place in my memory. Big thanks to everyone involved then. Next year I hope to be back, with the aim of completing 26 mls, and with the hope that I don’t overlook any of your arrows!

Best wishes,

George Barry


I’d like to say thank you to all the organisers, marshalls, everyone involved. What a fabulous event, the aid stations were excellent it was really so very well organised start to finish. 


Thanks you 


Thank you and all the wonderful volunteers for a very well run event.  Both the instructions and signage were very clear, the checkpoints friendly and full of much needed snacks and drinks.  The meal and delicious cakes at the end were very much appreciated.

We will be back!

Thank you



 We got lost at several places - I think about 6 different  areas. Mainly where tracks / paths divided into different routes, would be great to put more markers out to ensure your following the tight track. We turned back several times then decided to go back on the same path, then thankfully found we were on the right track. Ended up with 68k but totally had a great day. Thanks to you and all your team for making such a fun event.  

Just to let you know how much we enjoyed yesterdays event. The course was well marked and the people at the check points were very helpful.


Please convey our thanks to all those who were involved in the organisation and the volunteers.


Kind regards,


Pauline, Bill and Patch.



Brilliant day, checkpoints well spaced out and fantastic welcome at each by all the volunteers.

40 miles, first checkpoint was actually 17 miles and second two more than on instructions, but by abberley it was back as stated.


I'd like to thank everyone involved in putting on such a great event. A beautiful and varied route, well marked and easy to follow. The start/finish was well organised with good facilities and friendly people on hand to help. The checkpoints also had a great selection of food/drink and helpful people offering encouragement and support. All this for such a small entry fee,  you couldn't ask for more - well done all. Mark.


Absolutely wonderful event!! We loved it again - thank you so much for all of the hard work that goes into putting it on. We all loved the 26 mile (29.5 mile) route - stunning countryside! How lucky we are to have this on our doorstep.
Thanks again x



It was worth every drop of sweat. What a great event!! Thank you very much for your great work.


The course was amazing! The marshals so enthusiastic and friendly!! One felt really welcomed in all check points. I got lost a few times, I did three more miles I think (70km), but I enjoyed each inch of them. You saved me in one of those when I was going up on the wrong side of the llamas' slope. I met some great people as well. And the views were amazing!! And the food at the end to kill for!!!


I hope to be able to make it next year!!


Big thank you!!




Maybe consider advertising it a bit more in the area, many people asked me about the race, runners and no runners.



This was our first event with you .. 18 miles of walking in the bag.


So ... some feedback... a super organised event.. like the lanyards.. the support and Marshall were all spot on. Food and snack were great.. route, directions and maps etc were all great.


An amazing day out and we'll  be back next year for  the 26...


Please pass on our thanks to all. 




Nathan and Liz Crofts.  

I can honestly say I REALLY ENJOYED IT TO THE FULL.  The people on the checkpoints were nice, the food was GREAT on them, you catered  for every need.

The jacket potatoes at the end were PERFECT.  It was a nice route and the bump in the middle was worth it on the Worcestershire Way with panoramic views.

Also THANKS A MILLION FOR THE SIGNAGE.  Them stickers showing direction arrows were worth their weight in gold.


This is one walk I will be visiting again, too good to miss.  It made a lovely change and well worth the visit from Manchester.




Thanks once again for a GREAT WALK.





I did the 40 mile race on Saturday and, despite the heat in the afternoon, it’s one of the loveliest races I’ve ever run.
> I thought it was so well organised, every single volunteer was so friendly and helpful and encouraging.
> The CP’s were really well stocked, and I found it helpful to have the same things on offer at each one so that, as I got more tired throughout the day, I wasn’t having to make decisions about what to take.
> I hadn’t been to the area before, and the course was just beautiful - the run into Worcester along the river was so gorgeous, especially in the early morning. And it was so varied, which always helps on a long run.
> I only have one criticism, and that is the amount of single use plastic at the CP’s - all those plastic cups, and the sandwich packaging! More and more races are trying to go plastic free now, asking people to bring their own reusable cups (which I did). I know the hot weather was challenging for the food, but I hope it’s something you would consider.
> Apart from that, I absolutely loved it!
> Oh and the veggie chilli at the end was superb!
> Many thanks
> Hayley


This was my second year of entering, and it was very enjoyable again.


We preferred the car parking this year, it was lovely to have the car so close to the finish. 


It was very well sign posted, the little orange arrows were easy to spot.


Once again the food was delicious, and as we walked the 10 mile route this year rather than running it, we were able to stop and enjoy it at the village hall. 


I’ve already marked the second Saturday in July down on the calendar for next year



Sarah Price

Ps~ we’ve renamed it the ‘Hallow 30 stiles challenge’


Thank you for such a well organised event and a big thank you to all the staff across the board.
May I say a big thank you too for your course markers.
Kindest regards,
Graham Beech

We done the 14 this year as a team of 7 and we all agreed it was a fantastic day and we are going to make it a regular event for our unofficial running group so there may be 12 of us next year. I done the 26 miler a few years ago and this year I thought the markings were a lot better than previous. We got lost a couple of times this year but most of those were down to our poor navigational skills as the signs were there, we just missed them. Could perhaps have done with a marker in the cornfield where you kick off to the left, possibly around the 10 mile mark. We had GPS so we didn’t go wrong but it may have caught others out. Other than that faultless. Parking well organised, registration likewise, all check points well stocked, friendly and welcoming. I didn’t feel like a hot meal on a day like that so skipped the food but it looked nice and the ladies were as helpful as they possibly could have been. All maps and instructions provided were up to date and accurate and it was great that you printed off larger size maps as I was struggling to read mine on A4. All in all I think it is a fantastic event and the variety of distances makes it appealing for all abilities. Just please ask the big man upstairs to turn the wick down a few degrees next year 

 All the best,

 See you next year.


Neil Herron


Thanks to you and your team for your hard work in providing yet another full days entertainment. I have marshalled on many events over the years in many roles and it is a joy to see it from the other side. I also have some appreciation in part of the work that goes into organising and running them before and after the event.  

The route marking was excellent thanks. I was a little amused by the reference to the 12P Car Park on the first line of 7.8 on the 40 mile route description. As I parked there last year it made sense but for those who did not do last years event it would have been a head scratcher. 

Being an OAP if at all possible, despite global warming, I would be one of those appreciating it a little cooler next year but thanks for the breeze you provided. 

Many thanks to you and your team for another great day out, well worth the 230 mile round trip despite fuel costs. Keep up the excellent and much appreciated good work and I’ll see you next year.

 Regards, Nigel 4013

Thank you to you and everyone else who was helping on the day, for a fantastic day.

Easy parking;

No headache registration;

Great route/checkpoints.

See you next year.

Kind regards

Imtiaz Ilahi


I had a brilliant time thank you. Event was very well organised, good signage, great food at the checkpoints and finish and lovely friendly volunteers (please pass on my thanks). 

The orange quarters and melon at the checkpoints was definitely a winner and was especially welcome in the heat! My only criticism was I could have done with the weather being a tad cooler

Many thanks again to everyone for putting on a fantastic event



Thank you so much for this fabulous event. A thoroughly enjoyable day thanks to the superb organisation. Lovely volunteers and excellent refreshments. An utter bargain




Hallow 12 parish challenge Outdoor event

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