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2024 Feedback - What you thought


Aaron Mason

Amazing event yesterday. Made a little video of my first event.


Thanks for a great event!! My 3rd year but my first walking it! Not even the rain dampened our spirits. I think the check point treats helped Already looking forward to next year.

Thank you to all the volunteers that make this event happen! It’s by far one of the best and most enjoyable

Lorna Al-Ani

I did your event for the first time on Saturday and loved it! Such a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and really well-organised. Looking forward to next time!


Thomas Russell


Hi everyone, I would just like to say a huge thank you to the organisers, volunteers,fellow runners and the friends an family’s support those taking part in the event, You are all truly amazing people that helped create special moments like these.

Katie Garland

Bailey and I loved our 14 mile route yesterday, thanks again for such an awesome race, can’t believe how well organised it was and how much yummy food there was at the checkpoints, plus dinner at the end we will be back next year

Emily-Jane Scandrett

What a day!! Possibly the hardest thing I've ever done but so worth it! Thank you to the organisers and all of the fab volunteers along the way x x

Jennifer Smith

Beautiful walk and well organised as always. The weather even dried up towards the later half of the walk

Paula Cox

Fab walk this morning!

Excellent organisation.

Thank you!

Keith Blake

Today we walked the Hallow 12 Parish Challenge 18 mile walk (actually we recorded 20 miles). Great organisation and route, if a bit (very) wet. My knees usually give up long before this but it seems to be improving with more rest breaks, and conditioning on 5k Park Runs and loads of heavy gardening! The organisation was exceptional with breakfast and post walk meals provided, plus very well stocked and attended checkpoints (CP) every 5 miles by friendly and supportive volunteers. Took my time to change soaked socks (ankle deep wading at 1.5k in) at the first check point. Elly changed socks at every 5 mile CP and changed dressings at 3rd CP (as feet still shredded from 85 mile IOM Parish Walk two weeks ago).

Definitely recommend this event and it would be good to do again next year, or possibly do the 26 mile marathon.

Nick Lewis

Thanks for a wonderfully organised event today. Very slick and professional. A few nav errors on my part but that's down to me. Thank you muchly.

Beatrice Payne

We did the race for the 1st time and I just wanted to say how amazing it was. From the moment we entered, the communication was great. On the day - how you organised everything from the barcodes, route maps, etc to the lovely touch of some home made food at the end. It was superb, despite the weather. Thank you & the team. We will be back!

Thanks for a great event.

Superb organization.



Clive Sentance

Many thanks for such a fabulous event. 

Super scenery, really well marked route and accurate GPX, great refreshments, and lovely marshalls!

See you next year I hope

Mark Coggan

I just wanted to thank all the team involved in putting on such a brilliant event. The event is so well organized with fantastically stocked aid station and friendly people. It's the second time I've done the 26m route. I'm sure I'll be back again. Well done all.

Great event as always and many thanks to those who so kindly volunteered to help.

Next time, please can you rebook the sunshine!

 With kind regards

 Patrick Hunter

Please pass on my thanks to everyone involved in the planning and helping out on the day.

I absolutely loved the 18 mile run and I know my friends did too.

The organisation was brilliant, food amazing and everyone was very friendly. The trails were fantastic [hardly any road- great!]

I am definitely recommending it to all.

Well done!

Kind regards

Sally Dunn

Sarah Potter

another excellent event, thoroughly enjoyed the route, all volunteers were amazing and food (especially cake!) was excellent at all check points. Greatly appreciated and looking forward to next year already! Many thanks, (18 mile walk)

Heartfelt thanks to you and your amazing team for a wonderful day out on Saturday. The incessant rain and further downpours did not dampen our spirits. At least it was really warm and sunny in between!!!

The route was obviously much muddier and wetter with overgrown field edges, like everywhere else at the moment. Some of the steep descents were extremely slippery. Thank you very much for clearing the gates and stiles where necessary. It was also pleasing that some of the awful stiles have been replaced by gates. Yay!

Checkpoints were wonderful and friendly with a great range of food. My only comment would be that it would have been nice to have a change from cheese sandwiches. Alternative fillings, eg egg mayo or tuna mayo, would have been welcome, especially later on. The food at the end was also brilliant.

Thanks again 

Anne & Vaughan Wade

That's great, thank you.
Great experience, lovely people volunteering all along. Great check points and marking. Thanks


thank you again to you and the team for organising another wonderful event. Marking much appreciated, really enjoyed the change in route, despite the weather. As usual the food was excellent and everyone helping a delight.
See you next year,

Hallow 12 parish challenge Outdoor event

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