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2021 Feedback - What you thought

We really enjoyed yesterday and appreciated all the work that went into putting the event on. Footpaths were clearly marked, well cut down and arrows in just the right places. You couldn’t have done more. Food was delicious, and helpers made us feel welcome at every check point.
Thanks for everything and it was just nice to be able to do the challenge again. Hopefully see you next year!
Kind Regards
Caroline Godber


Hi, thank you for a brilliant days walking, a lovely route and I met some friendly people too.

Not sure how I clocked up over 29 miles though. Special thanks to Katie (40 miler) for dragging me around the course. And the ladies at the Aberley Check point for attending to my wounds.

Will look forward to next year.


What a great event! Many thanks to you and the organisers.
I can’t fault anything tbh, but am surprised that you had 80 no shows. Is this normal?
Maybe next year, ask people for a definite yes or no one week before the event, and whilst the turnout won’t be 100% accurate, you might get a better feel for numbers, avoiding having to buy in too much food.
See you next year!
Best regards


We really enjoyed yesterday's event. A big thank you to the organisers and team. The 18 mile route was very well signed and took in some fantastic scenery. The check points were well provisioned and staffed by some very friendly people. There was plenty to eat at end. 

All in all a good day out and hope to be there again next year.



thank you so much for being prepared to put on the event, especially in these covid times, having to put in the safety measures, check guidelines etc...

More fool the silly buggers that didn't turn up, their loss!

It was the first time that I have done the event (26 mile) as I needed a nice day out with my legs to build up stamina for my future fell events.  It was well marked and the marshalls were all of a cheery disposition.  Interestingly I felt that the covid measures actually made the food easier at checkpoints, the wrapped cakes, allowed for grab and go, to be eaten when needed, also the cheese nibbles in small cake cases were ideal as nothing could be pre-licked/handled.

Anyway, a huge well done to you and your team!

Celia Mills


It was fantastic ,the route was so well marked ,the stops were abundant and so well stocked .This was the first time I have ever done it and I will def get all my walking friends onto it next year .Every detail had been thought out ,even wrapping things up individually and spacing out the drinks in the holders .

Well done ,it was fantastic.

And a big thank you to the lovely ladies at the end who put my chilli in a cup for me to take home as I was hungry but had to dash to put my 96 year old mother to bed. 

Job very week done ,thank you so much

Nicole Kougl 


Thank you for a well organised event. It is tough course (especially the second half) but we enjoyed ourselves (as did Patch). 

In what what has been these very ‘different difficult’ times you did extremely well. Thanks to all the volunteers. 

Look forward to seeing you next year (are we really writing this not what we said at the finish). 

Let’s hope the next year just gets better.

Kind regards, Pauline, Bill and Patch.


Hi, thank you for a brilliant days walking, a lovely route and I met some friendly people too.

Not sure how I clocked up over 29 miles though. Special thanks to Katie (40 miler) for dragging me around the course. And the ladies at the Aberley Check point for attending to my wounds.

Will look forward to next year.


My husband and I really enjoyed the walk.
As we host running events ourselves in Wales, we know the work for many months  that goes into putting on an event.
We did manage to get lost and added an extra 2 miles to the 14. I think this is because of navigating and signs, what we found was that because there were arrows, we became complacent with reading the instructions we when we weren’t sure, had no idea where we were on the list and essentially took our eye off the ball.
Super aid stations, very welcoming and friendly so really great event.
Sorry to hear of such a loss with food.
Here’s hoping next year will see restrictions not making life so difficult.
Thanks again, really loved it
Kathryn and Jason Donovan
Infinity Running x




That’s awful news about waste of food. Please thank all the organisers for  a lovely route well organised and signed think it may become a regular on the calendar!


Thank you very much for your and all the 12 Parish Challenge team’s  hard work putting on such a great event yesterday. What a shame about so many no shows.

I have nothing negative to say about the event - the route description is excellent and I always enjoy the variety of countryside throughout the course even the steep climb after Abberley!!

I liked the change of route at both Witley and the new ending

Thank you again
Susannah Sherwood


A massive thank you to you and your team for a fantastic event yesterday. It was superbly well organised, especially with all the way marking. That must have taken hours and hours but was much appreciated, especially as a lot of the route was overgrown.

I don't know whether it was your team who strimmed and cut back large parts of the route, but again a huge amount of hard work made it easily passable.

The checkpoints were a delight. Everyone was very welcoming, chatty and motivating and couldn't do enough to help us on our way with lovely food and treats. I know people were working under COVID constraints, but everything was so thoughtfully done, I felt very safe. The meal at the end was delicious and very welcome after 40 miles!

Again many, many thanks for everyone's hard work and contributions, before, during (and after) the day. It is very much appreciated and I really enjoyed my day.

Best wishes


must congratulate you all in providing a fantastic day out in the countryside on the Hallow 12.

Everyone I spoke to gave very positive feedback knowing that this event was one of the first out of COVID era.

A slightly different take on the norm, checkpoint staff provided us with provisions and friendly banter throughout the day.

The meal at the finish was much appreciated after a long day.

After talking to yourself whilst waiting for LDWA late arriving friends, I wasn’t best pleased to learn that out of 89? no shows, only a few thought to inform you, so that food products could have been reduced making less wastage.

I hope you still managed to raise enough funding to make the event sustainable in future.

Well done to you all.

Best Regards
Andrew Green

Hallow 12 parish challenge Outdoor event

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